Another day in Paradise…

    We wander around in the dark hoping something will jump out and save us; rescue us from this dismal, joyless life we endure day after day.

    We are ungrateful by nature: we too easily forget what our Saviour, Jesus, sacrificed for us; how He died, why He died.

We need to plead God’s forgiveness for our selfish ways. We need to drop to our knees and weep, remembering the unimaginable pain Jesus endured for our ungrateful souls.

God always knew how we would be, but He still gave us freewill, the chance to make the right choices. God is longsuffering. Just take a look at what’s going on in the world.

    We all need to ask ourselves one question: Am I worthy to stand before the Son of man: Am I worthy of God’s grace?

Invite Christ into your life before it’s too late. Focus on Him, not the fear running the world.


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